February 4th, 2010

Checking my watch

While you wait service.

Off to get my eyes tested.

I really hate that puff of air thing they do.

In other news....
The postman just came to the door (and woke me up) with a special delivery. I blearily felt for the front door key, struggled with the fog of sleep to get the door open. They he cheerily asks me my name.... "errrr" say I and it seemed like an embarrassingly long time before I remembered. Luckily it wasn't so long that he gave up. Will people stop springing difficult questions on me first thing in the morning.

Hope I wake up before someone starts with the "Better? Worse? Or about the same?".
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Checking my watch

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Eye test resulted in a bill for £238!
For that I want X ray vision, zoom function, infrared night-sight, and up to 1000X magnification. Hypno-vision would be good too.