April 27th, 2010

Checking my watch

Good job I remembered to order more.

Just filled another Moleskine.
Just flicking through it. There's some pretty good ideas here, and a few I've since proved unworkable. However I especially like the drawings of things I sketched out as soon as I came up with the idea, went on to make and they are now part of a machine.

I think I've just come up with a blinder of an idea. Need to order some metal and start turning it into reality. If this works it could save me a small fortune in brass casting. I really need a prototyping department, where I can send drawings and say 'Make this in steel and get it back to me this afternoon.'
Checking my watch

I am thinking I haven't done a "lathe" post for a while, so.....

Just moved a ton of stuff out of the bedroom. Swung the lathe cabinet in to place, threaded up the drive chain and oiled the bearings. Waiting for Guy to come over now to help me lift the lathe onto the cradle so I can mark-up for cut outs for switches and.... I may be testing the lift with the lathe in place for the first time. I'm slightly nervous about this... It may just sit there with the motor grinding away and burning out.

Not very conclusive test. Guy came over and helped me lift the lathe into place, dropped it down to mark-up. That worked fine. Then it jammed. I had left a label on the the drive shaft and it jammed in the thread. Eventually managed to free the drive by hand. So still not sure if it has enough grunt to lift the lathe. Drill on charge again.... Will try again next time I can get Guy, or someone, over to help me lift it back again.
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