June 23rd, 2010

Checking my watch

Coffee break up-date.

Making a box that looks like a book... Nearly finished what would be the textblock, but having to forget what I know about book binding and rethink the endpapers and covering. So much I would do without thinking when binding a book won't work on a hollow box.

The Box back in March... Then I forgot about the job.


Doing this between work on lathe lift. Yes that's still going on.

In other news...
My World Cup blackout device seems to be playing up and news got through that there's a match at 3pm today

Think I may pop out and do a bit of shopping around 3:05 this afternoon. Just had to google "length of football match" to workout how long I may have the supermarket to myself. They wouldn't close it would they?
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Checking my watch

"Ouija" Sounds rather occult doesn't it?

It's actually a name, trademarked by the Kennard Novelty Co. in the early 1890s, taking the French for yes and the German for yes. So I guess we've all been pronouncing it wrong. It was marketed as "Amusing, Scientific and Instructive" by William Fuld who also is credited with the invention of the return pool table. Just think about that next time you sink the cue ball down the pub and hear it rolling through the hidden mechanism under the slate, before being delivered to the little opening at the end of the table and into the hand of your opponent.
Checking my watch

(no subject)

Went to Pinkwitch's teaching service award presentation this evening. I think the last time I was in a room with that many teachers we sang Jerusalem ("You boy! You know the proper words so bloody well sing them!") then got a stern lecture about not flushing first years heads down the toilet without a note from the form master and not being out of bounds, or maybe we needed a note to be out of bounds... I probably wasn't listening.

Tonight was rather good though... it was held at a collage not far from PW's school... I especially liked it when some students spotted PW and Squealed with obvious delight at seeing their former teacher. Got to meet PW's boss... Very strange meeting a headmistress who is younger than me. When did headmistresses become younger than me?

Got fed too, food very good, and the venue was Spring Grove House, tucked behind the modern collage in Isleworth (I had no idea it was there). It is the former home of Sir Joseph Banks, which may explain why it has such a marvellous conservatory, although that could be a later improvement by one of the Pears Soap family. Yes I've been googleing and Wikipediaing it.

Anyway I have a busy day tomorrow so I think I will ring for my pipe and brandy....

And so to bed.
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