July 17th, 2010

Checking my watch

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OK... Saw mostly together, thanks to Uncle Nem coming over to help...  Visited an exhibition showing the a proposal for a new development of Twickenham station.... Oh Dear Lord it's replacing one ugly modern eyesore with another.

Kitchen mostly cleared and cleaned.

B&Q visited and screws purchased.

Went to look and free wood...took some.

Dropped Grish post off at Louis' on the way home.

Home now and really fancy a long hot bath....

Tomorrow.... Way too much to do. Can't even get my head around it all. Should probably write a list.
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Checking my watch

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Stupid journalist quote of the day goes to whoever wrote...

"Based on retail prices of iPhone cases, supplying one to all three million customers could cost Apple about $180m (£118m)."

You really don't think that the economy of scale will kick in with an order of 3,000,0000?

The reporting on the whole iPhone 4G has been riddled with stuff like this since the story of poor reception first broke. They are still reporting the signal loss problem will mainly effect left handed users... Clearly the reporters who keep cut and pasting this have never used an iPhone or didn't give a moments thought to how one interacts with the iPhone.

Of course the questions I want asking never get asked by journalists... Like for instance;

"Are you going to keep churning out phones off the production line that have this fault?"

"If so, is the workaround just keep supplying covers?"

"How the hell did this get past product testing?"

"Did Jason Chen pick up on the problem while he had that one that went missing?"

and finally....

"Could we interview Ruben Caballero?"
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Checking my watch

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Oh for pity's sake!

The brass I'm using is work-hardening and trashing bits faster than I can change them. Trying to remember where I got the indexable cutting tools from so I can order more tips.

The switches fall apart as soon as I look at them and may not actually be insulated from their outer casing.

Time for a rethink, I think.... or a beer.
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