April 9th, 2012

Checking my watch

The Blocked Drain of Doom.

Saturday night it became apparent that there was a problem with the plumbing again. This time it was a blockage rather than a leak. No problem all I needed was a set of rods and I was confident that I could fix the problem. However I had forgotten that here in the UK all the shops must close on the first Sunday, after the first full-moon that follows the spring equinox. This strikes me a a tad archaic and, in this case where I had sewage building up under the garden, a bleedin' nuisance. I at once instigated an emergency policy of "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." 36 hours later I was able to purchase a set of rods and along with another set lent by Jem. Then after much pushing, pulling, swearing and sweating, I was able to clear a plug of fat so large I wondered if I'm sharing the drainage system with a liposuction clinic.

Once again I can not describe the satisfaction I gain from being able to sort out stuff like this myself. In the old flat I would have had to call the managing agents who wouldn't be in the office until Tuesday at the earliest and would, in all probability, have eventually sent round someone two or three days later costing around £200 a visit. Here I fixed it myself for £15, and the rods double as a chimney set too, so more money can be saved.
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