July 20th, 2013


I really hope this makes it's way over to the UK sometime soon. Farking Wheaton W00tstout. A 13%ABV Imperial Russian Stout made with pecans and aged in bourbon barrels, sounds right up my alley. I've already emailed a couple of mail-order real ale companies to see if they will be able to get hold of this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The US produce some excellent beers and sadly so few of them seem to make it to the UK. When they do get imported, they don't arrive with the economy of scale needed to compete on price with domesticity produced ales. Some supermarkets do import a few of the bigger names, but I'm sure the supermarket buyers just call up the distributors and say things like "Hey, we've heard great things about (insert name of US micro/craft brewery), we'd like to order their blandest beer." I mean do we really need another imported IPA on the supermarket shelves?

I have quite a list of beers I'd like to sample when next in the USA. So in order I pace myself and survive the next trip over there, I'll probably have to stay for a couple of months.

Bathroom, bedroom, bathroom, bedroom...

Alternating between working on the bedroom and bathroom.

New floor now laid in the bathroom. Nearly ready to call the plumber and ask him to come and start moving radiators and pipes.

The bedroom still needs the one wall finishing where the new radiator will be situated. Run into a bit of a problem there, or at least a bit of a quandary. I was perplexed and a little uncertain on how to continue with a dado rail that needed to be level when the floor in the bedroom is anything but level. If you run a level line out from the highest point of the floor to the lowest, the difference is about 35mm. I really don't want to get into levelling the floor, because that'll involve totally removing the fitted wardrobe, lifting every floorboard and then I'll have to take down the ceiling and level that. I really don't mind that the floor isn't level it's just that putting a line round the room, in the way of a dado, will make the wonky floor that much more obvious. It doesn't help that the anaglypta I've got for beneath the dado is a series of panels which will mean the distance between the skirting and dado will have to be kept the same, so no giggle room there. Luckily the longest unbroken run is along a level section of the room and where the floor really dips is under a window so it shouldn't notice.

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