December 17th, 2014

Amber dog update (I've left off numbering them)

Phoned the vet first thing this morning and got an earlier appointment. Phew! Much relief.

Poor ol' Amber now seems to have an eye infection. I'm having to spoon feed her, she's got ulcers in her mouth, and even though she keeps going back to her water bowl and lapping at it, the level doesn't go down. It's like she's just washing out her mouth each visit to the bowl.

She's really, really thin.

The 11am appointment can't come soon enough for me.

Amber dog update

We've called in the big guns. Got a referral to the Royal Veterinary College for Amber today. Drove up to and around the M25 and dropped off Amber.

Thanks to Jem for riding shotgun on the trip.

Got home to a call from Royal Veterinary College, their neurologist says there is nerve damage. They suspect nerve damage due to either cancer or autoimmune problem. They will pursue the diagnosis further tomorrow, for now they want to stabilise her.

File me under "worried", but she's in the best place she could be right now.