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Some buggers are digging the road up outside my flat... AGAIN! I don't know why they don't just fit a zip down the centre of the road.

Went to radio recording last night with Russell and Carol. It was Richard Herring at Shepherds Bush Hall. It wasn't rip roaringly funny but the venue looks as if it was very nice once, now it's looking a bit grey (very grey in fact). There are some photos here that make the most of the greyness.

My SatNav is playing up something rotten. Takes half an hour sometimes to find where it is... By which time I'm either there or I've stopped relying on it... Other times it works just fine. Switching it on and off and resetting it seems to sort it out, but I just know it'll work fine when I try and take it back. Oh the inevitability of the conversation at the store fills me with such sweet anticipation.

In other news...

I have cool gifts for the head of the family's 60th.

Ari is over in 6 days 8 hours time.

I have installed new power socket in my car.

Fixed the clock in my car.

Just off to Richmond to pick up a little something I dreamed up for Ari's birthday.
I bet it gave all the staff at the shop where I ordered it a good laugh.

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