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Wow! Not posted here since... September 26th.

So much has happened since then. But I've been pretty busy, and usually too knackered to come here and write it all up.

Whitby, drink, drink, bands, drink, shop, drink bands....

Also major life changes. Angel had to move back to her house in Eastbourne :-(
But I get to see her every weekend :-)
But I still keep expecting her to come in the door around 6:30.
Missing her muchly.

Went down to stay this weekend and marveled at my own DIY skills putting rail type thing up the stairs, no not a stair lift. Dado rail.

Also very impressed with Angel's drain unblocking, down pipe from the gutter was doing impression of a geyser on Saturday night (it was pissing down) so first thing Sunday Angel's out there giving the offending pipe "what for" with the spoon of doom.

Fred has also moved back to Eastboure, although he's not sure where he wants to stay yet.

So just a bit of rumour control, we ain't split up, I'm not dead, and I was nowhere near it when it exploded.

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