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Got the train to Surbiton after a little detour because St Margarets station ticket machine wasn't working, the permit to travel machine had the pay at kiosk light on and the kiosk was shut... I sort of think it's safe to travel without a ticket (and pay o the train or other end) in these circumstances but experience has taught me it not worth the effort of explaining so I usually end up driving this time I walked to the next station.

Dropped of some electrical stuff (travel iron, radio, small guidance system for a WMD...) at the charity shop, one of the few that will take in and sell travel irons, radios, small guidance systems for WMDs... they must have a tame electrician or they just don't care if their costumers die from electric shock.

Wandered around Surbiton, tried calling Ruth of Much Glamness to see if she would be about but she was still recovering from the night before said something about being at St Pauls. So I got the bus to Kingston, picked up essential supplies for a walk back to Twickenham and headed along the river bank. Saw the biggest fish I've ever seen swimming in the Thames at Teddington Lock. Got the ferry from Ham to Twickenham. Had lunch in the park. Got a few beers from the off licence. Came home.

About sit in the bath for an hour or two with a book.

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