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What am I still doing up at this hour?

Fairly relaxing day all in all, been sorting out TONS of paperwork and filled the recycle bin to over flowing. Angel helped me move my bedroom in to my small bedroom over the weekend. Miss Motivatrix kept me going otherwise I think I'd have given up and just crashed in the rubble of my old room job half done. All this is building up to me decorating my bedroom, and pretty wild it's gonna be too. Still got to move computers out of big bedroom before I can start work, and living room still contains boxes of stuff from the bedroom too. Where does all this STUFF come from?

My main problem is I keep finding interesting things that divert me from the job in hand... A for instance would be the stereo viewer, which set me off wondering how far apart two photographs would have to be in order to produce a realistic 3D effect. I guessed the distance between eyes or more exact centre to centre distance between pupils, so I reason all I have to do is take a photograph, move the camera a few inches to the left take a second exposure of the object and put the two resulting pictures in the view and I have a 3D view of said object. So there I was measuring the distance between my pupils when I should be getting on with moving stuff around and making space to move computers into living room.

I've also decided to repair a set of arrows I made a while ago and fell behind the wardrobe, not very time consuming.

Tomorrow will be different. Nose to the grindstone, all hands on deck, and I mustn't get sidetracked by things of interest.

And so to bed.

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