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Weird Stuff In The Mail

More on weird stuff in a moment... Went to the Doctor this morning to get results of blood test last week. He was worried I may have a thyroid problem... Good news I don't, I'm just a bit of a fatty. Cholesterol level high but not too high. Have to give up cheese :-( Also he says yes I'm OK to give blood again, blood bank wouldn't take it when I was suffering from ME/CFS because I was run down already taking a pint of blood would probably knacker me totally. Also he gave the green light for me to take my exercise up a notch or two. Will try and join a gym asap.

Weird stuff... Just got in to find a package from The H.P. Love Craft Historical Society (in California) on the door mat... Strange I don't remember ordering anything...
Dare I open it there's an ominous Cthulhu logo on the label. I throw caution to the wind and open the parcel (the barriers between the dimensions remain intact). I find a Call of Cthulhu DVD and a very cool Mythoscope T-shirt. Sent to me by my very good friend Dr Paul K. Rather pleased and a very welcome surprise, although I'm not sure what I've done to deserve it. Will watch the DVD tonight.

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