Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


For UK friends with mobile phones.

Just recently I've been getting spam text messages. Mostly inviting me (in one not so cunning way or another) to call a premium rate number.

So I did a little research and was pleased to find you can do the following...

What to do if you are receiving SPAM text messages

These are unsolicited, non chargeable text messages that are used by companies as a form of advertising. They usually include a premium/ high rate number to call back or short code to text. You should not respond unless you are sure it is a genuine message. If you believe this to be SPAM we would like to know about it. The message can be forwarded to 7726 where we can investigate the message and take the necessary action to prevent our customers from any fraudulant activity. Meesages that contain premium rate numbers can also be brought to the attention of ICSTIS (Premium Rate Regulator) who will also investigate their content, promotion and overall operation.

This was found on the O2 site here

OK so they can't spell the odd word or two... but I've just forwarded 3 spam test messages to 7726.


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