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Strange dream last night...

I dreamt I had gone to see The Cure. For some reason I was sat on the stage. After a few Cure songs the rest of the band went off stage to allow Simon Gallup to do a few acoustic ballads. He looked terrible, long greasy grey hair and a full beard also grey. Apparently he'd (in the dream) lost someone close. He started singing and couldn't hold the tune, many people in the audience started laughing... But slowly he won the audience over each song getting better and better and with so much feeling many people were in tears. I was sat at the front of the stage holding a few bass guitars Simon was going to give away at the end of his set... For some reason I rather liked the 5 string acoustic bass I was holding and was rater disappointed when he gave that away. After the gig was over I got to hangout with the band back stage... Puzzled as to what that was all about. I quite like The Cure now and again, but I'm not obsessive about them.

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