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Not the worlds happiest day.

Sad day yesterday. Attended my friends dad's funeral. Ken Johnson, It was a real privilege to have known him, I can't sum him up here adequately. He certainly had an interesting life.

Witnessed an atomic explosion from what probably was only just a safe distance.

Accidentally caused a minor collision (no one hurt) with a plane and the only tree for hundreds of miles in the Iraqi desert.

Danced the night away with Miss World contestants.

Travelled widely, probably a rival to Allen Wicker.

Had what I would call a healthy fascination with computers, gadgets, and all forms of technology and transport.

Sill found time to be a loving husband and father to two children.

At a time when most people would be settling down into retirement Ken was starting up a new business.

I found him fascinating to talk to and the most welcoming person I've ever met.

As one friend of his said yesterday, and anyone who was lucky enough to have known him would agree, he was a true gentleman.

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