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Today I thought the smoke alarm batteries were on the way out as every 5 mins a "beep" could be heard from the hall. So I decided to take it down an see what batteries it needed. While I was ordering the batteries on-line with the smoke alarm in bits on my desk the same "beep" came from the hall. "Huh?" so what was making the "beep" then... So there we were standing in the hall waiting for each "beep" and trying to find the bit of offending technology. After many beeps I remembered I may have fitted a smoke alarm before... I had and it was this one that was going "beep" Ari seemed surprised I had forgotten I'd already fitted one further down the hall. But as someone who often finds himself in the kitchen, storeroom, bedroom... and has no idea what I went in there for, it came as no surprise to find I'd done this.

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