Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Last night....

Lift to cousin Richard's birthday bash from other cousin Paul. I decided not to drive as I am still feeling pretty crap, I went from thinking "I can't impose on Paul" in the morning ... to thinking "I hope I can get a lift off Paul" by the late afternoon.

It was rather a splendid do.

Rhythm and blues band in the garden, food aplenty (but I kept clear of the roast boar), barrels and barrels of beer... I told a few people I'd known Richard for about 45 years... Got a few strange looks. Was also told I couldn't possible have been at his wedding as I wouldn't of been born then. Anyway it was an excellent party and the rain held off.

Good the see the family on a happy occasion. For the last few years we've only seem to of got together for funerals (well that's how it seems).

Was looking forward to seeing Nora but she didn't make it... But I'll get down to see her once I've shaken off the dreaded man flu.

Came home phoned Ari. Went to bed.

Woke-up bright and early at 3:30 this afternoon, after another of those dreams where my parents came back... There's never any logical explanation in these dreams they just get better. Once again I was having to sort out he house so they could move back in. I was woken up by thunder first thought "please let that be thunder and not a bomb".

The afternoon and evening has been spent trying to coax the PC to connect to the wireless router. Watching DVDs eating hot chilli cheese and drinking red wine.

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