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Just got home from a trip to the computer fairs. Breakfast at Sky 2 Cafe, with Uncle Nemesis, Andi, and Ian.

James arrived later.

I was looking for a cheap graphics card with TV out... but Ian may have one in his junk pile. I got some blank DVDs (DLs just to see if they are compatible with my DVD players.

We had sort of though about a pub lunch but as two of us are currently on medication.. this idea got hastily run back down the flagpole and neatly folded up when no one even noticed it let alone saluted it.

Came home to find DVD of Madame Du Barry (1934) with Dolores del Rio. Only ordered it on Monday... Very impressed all the way from The US in 4 days. Rather looking forward to watching this tonight. However right now I feel like crap. Coughing still... will probably go back to bed soon.


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