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Still not feeling too good.

Coughing caused me to pull my back this morning so now I have all the added fun of back pain.

I think I'll be going back to the doctor on Friday.

Neil is staying next week. Said he'll help me move some more stuff from the unit. Hmmm... not if I still feel like this.

Just out of interest I just measured my briefcase I use as my cabin bag when flying. It's within the new emergency size limit.

In other news...

A car built by JCB has broken the diesel engine land speed record after reaching 328.767mph during two runs in Utah, USA.
I must remind myself of that speed next time I'm stuck behind a JCB digger on the A303.

Just been looking at the specifications but can't find out the fuel specs...
I want to see a diesel engine running on a coal dust/water mix. Apparently Dr Diesel used this mix in his engine although it was designed to run on peanut oil.

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