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Just about to move the computers here... The network's about to get the plug pulled. Moving into the living room while I rebuild and decorate the bedroom. Really didn't want computers in the living room on show... but nowhere else to put 'em. If I'm not back here later I'm having a spot of bother with the little buggers.

I think my car has been trying to kill me... it's the sort of behaviour you expect from a Plymouth Fury. Emissions in the cab due to blowing exhaust. Time to get a new one... Sold the Beetle a while ago... Enough of classic cars WAY TOO MUCH WORK AND HEART ACHE! Don't care much what I get so long as it runs, has a reasonable sound system, and it would be nice if it was black.

Right on with the big shutdown and start pulling plugs. Sorry HAL its for your own good.

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