Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I've now taken all my pills. I still feel odd. Some of this could be the side effects of the pills... This is why I am very reluctant to take medications... I still have a bit of gunk on my chest, still coughing, whatever is coming up smells of perfume and sort of sweet... YUCK! Think I'll see how the weekend goes and get the Amoxicillin out of my system. Then if I still feel crap on Tuesday I'll go back to the Doctor. Pretty fed up with being sick. I have too much to do, I have no time for this being ill lark!

I may try and get some stuff up on ebay over the weekend. Tried to sort some stuff out yesterday but bending down and moving around to pick stuff up made me sick and giddy. I do need to clear some space in the big bedroom for Neil to crash in on Monday, it'll be good to have some company I'm starting to get cabin fever.

I hope I'm feeling better by Thursday as I'd like to be able to break my beer fast at The Blue Posts.

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