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This morning I get a phone call from Indian sounding man. Asks for a name I didn't quite hear... I was half asleep and not really with it at this stage.

The conversation went something like this...

"Sorry you must have the wrong number"... he then quotes the first line of my address but gets the rest wrong... Like a twit I correct him. Then he asks my name, like an even bigger twit I give it.... D'oh! A few minutes later he calls back...

"Mr Rimmell?"


He quotes me my address.

"Hang on you just phoned me and got this information out of me a few minutes ago"

"No I called you"

Yes and before that you called me and I told you my name." (Like a fool because I was half asleep)

He tells me he's calling from something like "International Finance". I'm feeling more on the ball now... "Yes" I say suspiciously he tells me I took out a £5000 loan for home improvements. "No i didn't" I say. He seems surprised at this. So I say "I don't know what scam you're trying to pull but if you call here again I'm calling the police" and hang-up.... Bugger now I'm curious. Was this some scam, or has someone used my address to get a loan, or is it just a sales con?

My main worry is I think I know the name he asked for originally.

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