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The mean spirited man speaks out.

There I was in the post office, at the counter. Already in conversation with the guy behind the counter, package on the scales, halfway writing out a Recorded Delivery slip while, thinking about getting extra stamps, about to ask about maximum length of parcels... and someone butts in and asks the guy behind the counter if she can take some money out. The guy behind the counter gestures to me with his pen in a "he was here first" sort of way. Then she asks me if that was alright. I was so astounded at the presumption I was at a loss for words. If she'd asked me first I'd of said yes but she didn't. I guess it was her attitude that got my back up.

Then she kept on asking me, so I'm counting to 10 in my mind so as not to explode with a "don't be so bloody rude" and "you wouldn't do this in a bank or a pub" or "I waited my turn now you wait yours" or "Shut-up I'm trying to conclude my business here". Instead I said "Well I'm nearly done" as I was by this time paying... She goes on about me not replying to her question and I said "I wouldn't be presumptuous to butt in like that" which is when she said "that's because you're a mean spirited man". At least she didn't call me an "old man". Bloody cheek I thought. Anyway as an upshot I forgot my stamps and forgot to ask about maximum length of parcels.

Now that lady will be telling this story from her point of view where I will come out as "mean spirited man" and her friends will nod and tut and agree that it was so nasty of the man not to let her jump in front as her time is probably so much more valuable to her than mine is to me.

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