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Do any of these remakes make money?

For some reason there seems to be a remake of "School For Scoundrels". Why are so many remakes being made?
The 1960 version stared Ian Carmichael, Terry Thomas, and Alastair Sim. It was directed by Robert Hamer who also directed Pink String and Sealing Wax, Kind Hearts and Coronets... Which are two of my all time top films. The books that "School For Scoundrels" was based on, by Stephen Potter, are hilarious.

This new one is directed by Todd Phillips who, it would seem, is to blame for movies called "Frat House" and "Starsky & Hutch". Truth be told I had to IMDB him as the name meant nothing to me. I've never heard of any of the cast of this new version either. Just watched the trailer and boy does it look lame. File under just another "wacky underdog" movie.

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