Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Run up to and run over by Christmas

Had to get a new car last week, old one poisoning me with fumes and generally falling apart. So handy having a girlfriend in the motor trade, thanks Angel. New car whilst probably not the most hi tech and gadget laden vehicle avalible in the 21st C, still comes as future shock to me having gone from a 1960 Beetle and the (late and not so lamented) 13 year old Nissan. Oh and I've just realised my new car (a Rover 25) matches my bike.

Went shopping at 4am this morning... I love shopping at that time of night. So much more relaxed I can't be doing with all those extra people you find during the day. Pity they aren't permitted to sell booze after 11pm.

Been moving the last of my websites off my old ISP today, reason.... SPAM! My account with that old ISP has been rendered unusable by the weight of junk mail. I've tried spam blockers and filters but they make little difference. What amazes me is the number of ways they spell Viagra to get around mail filters.

Also spent afternoon burning CDs for my friend Marc... He's sending out a batch of demos in the new year. He does both kinds of music, country and western.

Right now I'm keeping fingers crossed that Beagle 2 will make a soft landing on Mars. It would kick the new year off to a good start if it finds organic carbon.... I'm still not sure that would prove life is there today though (I'm sure smarter minds than mine have thought about that). Anyway I'm wishing the small dog well and hope it had a nice trip. Won't know until 6:30ish if it made it or there's a fresh Beagle shaped crater on Mars.

Off to see my parents tomorrow... Then down to see Angel :-)

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