Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Went to meet Ruth for lunchtime (Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. Lunchtime in Surbiton quadruply so) drinks today. Went there and back on the buss as I suspected there would be a drop or two of beer to be drank. Ruth was in fine form, but it did seem strange us not going round all the charity shops.

Came home phoned Ari, started watching something on Film4, must of dozed off as I woke up around 9pm so I fed the cat of doom and crawled into bed.

Woke-up around 1am, watched an episode of House. Then checked my email.

Seems an auction house specialising in vintage and antique toys may be willing to sell my dad's collection for me. 17.5% commission + 17.5% VAT on the commission and an additional 1% insurance charge (also subject to VAT). I've checked some of their previous catalogues and they do seem to get pretty good prices for stuff. Two things concern me. The collection is packed away in boxes and stacked 6 foot high... How in the world is the valuer going to look through all this in my flat? I can hardly move in here since I brought most of it here. But the storage is nearly as much as my mortgage.... Strangely the really odd thing is I am not sure how I feel about selling it. I still have an odd sort of wrongness about selling my dad's stuff... as in it's not mine sort of feeling. On the other hand I wish I could trust the company to just take the lot, without me having to go through it any more, then send me a big cheque once it's sold. What I may do is test the water with a few choice items and see how this company work. In the mean time I do seem to be doing OK selling off my own crap on ebay.

I don't think I have anything planned for tomorrow (Saturday). Looking forward to Sunday though. Nora's popping by with the kids (I get to be Uncle Mark) and hopefully the weather will be nice and I can show them round the park... There may even be an ice cream break by the river.

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