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Home again for a few days then back into the Silver Machine and back down to sunny Eastbourne.

Christmas day.

Got up really early to check on Beagle 2 :-(

Parents on Christmas day... Dad and I snoozed in armchairs after lunch (I think I must be getting really old). Missed the Queens speech (don't think I've seen it since 1976).

Quick snack and headed down to Eastbourne to see my beloved :-)
The long weekend flew past! Boxing day went down the pub for bands and beer... Were any of those kids old enough to be in a pub? Had my ego inflated and deflated in the space on one second.
One girl to other girl "he's alright".
Other girl replies "Nah" He's really old".
Thinks to self don't laugh, that's you they're talking about. I laugh anyway, it's either that or cry.

Helped Angel rearrange her kitchin cabinets, much drilling of holes in walls and standing on ladders. Angel hurt her back sawing firewood :-(

Saw a few clips of a film on an Apocalyptica video... after a bit of research online I find it's called Vidocq, looked so cool I've ordered the DVD. Fully expect all my friends to say "You only just found out about Vidocq? Where have you been?".

I've got a couple of days now to make a lid for Angel's big old trunk and a prototype kitchen cabinet door, and panel my hall.

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