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Uncle Nemesis is taking a trip down memory lane. Those gigs were certainly something special. It was probably Uncle Nem who set a dangerous precedent of actually paying the bands. If Unx went home with a pile of cash the bands got paid, if Unx went home with nothing the bands still got paid. I remember he even took enough cash with him to the gigs to pay the bands so even if no one showed up the bands still got paid. Unx took all the risk on his shoulders.

More Smoke Than A Dozen Nephilim Gigs.

One afternoon I remember Unx picking me up in his old blue Mini van, he was running late for that night's gig as he'd been working on the van. As we drove over Twickenham bridge I had occasion to glance behind us to see the biggest cloud of smoke I'd ever seen emitting from a vehicle (that wasn't actually on fire). I think I said something along the lines of "Oh my God! You're burning oil!" By this time I understood why cars were passing us flashing their lights and hooting. Unx drove on grim faced assuring me the excess oil he'd put into the van earlier that afternoon would soon burn off. How we got from my place to Camden with out being pulled by officers of the law I'll never know. Later I had to move the van while Unx was in the Underworld. It was still belching smoke so I had to very, very slowly drive around the corner so as not to pass the two police men walking on the pavement. Luckily they never looked round. If they had looked behind them all they would of seen is a goth in a blue van and very little else.

I always thought this would make a great Sunshine Blind bootleg cover.

Later that night we drove home and much to my surprise and relief... Unx had been right, the excess oil had indeed burt off.

Details of the van can be seen here... Don't reach for your wallets, Unx sold it sold years ago.

Oh and BTW... My new mood icons are from cartoons Unx did of me many years ago.

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