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Saturday was pretty busy...

8:00 am Get up. Called Ian to see if he was still going to computer fair.

8:26 am Just miss train to London... Not another one for 40 mins... PAH!

8:30 am ish.... Get bus to Richmond, get train form there. Ha, Ha! I tweek the nose of crap public transport without resorting to the car... but only because I want a beer or two this afternoon.

Meet up with Ian and try out new cafe for breakfast... Coffee good. But not much in the way of food. Computer fair, got bits to fix Demetra's PC and new HDD for me pluse 100 blank CDs. Wanted to get a MP3 CD personal stereo type thing... but didn't like the look of the only one on offer.

Went to see Demetra and install fresh new bits in her PC, eventually we realise the driver CD is the wrong on for the card it came with. Go on line and get correct driver. Test all works well, then off to Tottenham Court Road to get MP3 CD personal stereo type thing... Get one and head for pub (Cittie Of Yorke) very nice pub. I just wish these places wouldn't put porter in the fridge.

After a couple of pints it's time for me to dash off and meet Paul and Adrienne in another pub. Really good to see Paul and Adrienne who are over from the US doing Christmas family type things. Evening went way too quick and still feel we have heaps of catching up to do... Hopfully meeting on Monday at the British Museum.

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