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Still not sleeping well. Did get off to sleep 5 or 6 this morning... Woken by strange noises from up stairs again.

Then after that stopped, someone started chopping up bricks about 6 feet from my head. I gave up and got up.

Went to the storage unit which is looking considerably depleted and very messy... I good tidy up and clear out of the rubbish and charity shop stuff should make it seem much emptier. I need to hand in my notice before the 13th... if I'm going to avoid paying November's rent. I brought back another car load. I'm tucking boxes into corners I didn't even know I had. Also brought back some new flat boxes to start packing some of my stuff which will be going to the US. This should give me enough shelf space to un pack and display stuff for valuation by the auctioneers... If they ever get back to me. I can't really chase them up yet as I'm not ready.

One plus side to this not sleeping lark is I am getting plenty of time for reading. Just finished Wintersmith, just need Tel to finish another, luckily he writes nearly as quick as I read 'em.

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