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I got a full night sleep... Could of done with a bit longer but woken up by up stairs rolling big logs around and dropping bowling balls (at least that's what it sounded like).

Spoke to my cousin how came out of hospital on Saturday... He seems in fine spirits despite having a cancerous lump cut out of him last week.

Found the photographs I needed for the auction valuer. Moved my router so I could stack boxes further down the hall. The router is so close to the USB adapter now I could have it touching... I wonder if the will solve me dropped connection problems I've been having. I'm not sure for certain but it could be interference from badly suppressed cars.

I need to pop into Twickers to find some Glucosamine.

Happy birthday to Wyrd Old Ian for yesterday... I'll buy you breakfast on Saturday.

I was having a bit of a money panic this morning... Thinking how am I going to get through this month, after last month was such a close run thing... Then remembered I shouldn't have a £400 car bill or a £200 maintenance charge on the flat this month... Woo Hoo! Party time.

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