Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Way too many things going wrong today so I'll write about the weekend first

Drove down to Eastbourne to say with Angel. New car still working fine but looking a little more dirty each day. Tried out new mp3 Cd toy and listerned to old Sherlock Holmes radio plays on the drive down.

Got down to Angel's but it seemed like ages until she got home from work. Drank wine and watched telly.

Angel had to work in the morning... so I made time go more quickly by entering an altered state (sleep).
Angel arrives home and proceeds to cut many feet of tree in garden and generally rush around getting stuff done. I stand around looking impressed an wornout just watching. Saturday evening visit Angel's brother and stop off for more wine on way back.

Big day. We'd booked Brian the night before to help move two sheds in Angels garden. By the time I manage to get up Angel has already emptied one and cleared a path to move the other. Eventually I manage to get dressed drink coffee and venture into garden to look at sheds (which look much bigger and more heavy now we have to move 'em). I start to worry that it's going to rain before we can move the sheds of doom. So we have a crack at moving 'em on our own. Work bench has to come out of shed 1 before it's going anywhere. This is where the coffee kicks in and I have a brain wave. Put the bench on a ladder and slide it out of the shed. It works a treat and soon we have shed 1 in it's new position. Leaving only shed 2 at the other end of the garden. Hmmmm if we can move a bench with ladder rail system, we can do it with a shed too. So we empty shed 2 of armour, weapons etc and drag it onto two ladders. It works too! and we have both sheds move and still no sign of Brian. Fear not Brian did not have a wasted trip, we was needed to cut a steel post off in the drive with his angle grinder (I must get one of those). So with a huge shower of sparks across the road and a twitching of net curtains the post is cut down to ground level.
Ended the day by burning much rubbish in the garden. Then shower and it's time to head home :-(

Grrrrr..........!!!!! Everything I've tried to do has be thwarted by not having the right tool or part. Trying to get the hall finished without spending any money because I'm broke until the end of the month. Had to go to DIY store in the end to try and get screws for light fitting hook thing... PAH! As usual I have to compromise and get something that isn't quite right for the job because they don't have the correct item for the job in stock. I've found the plaster work I got before Christmas must have been still damp when packed and is still damp now because it was packed in plastic. My own fault I guess I should have unpacked it and let it dry out. Kind of forgot it was made to order and therefore fresh and DAMP. Of course I didn't notice quite how damp the plaster mouldings were until I had glued one up. Well if it falls down I'll order a new one. So I'm sitting here writing this because I'm waiting for glue to dry and plaster to dry out. Hope tomorrow goes a little better.

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