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Well this is total pants.

I spent the day moving boxes around my flat, taking down steel shelving in what really should be call "The Box Room" and not "the big bedroom" as I still call it. Still no word from auction company. but still have to sort through tons of stuff and finish emptying the storage unit... That should be all done by the end of the month.

Now the pants bit. At 10pm I still wasn't packed and ready to go away tomorrow. Around 12:30ish I was ready. Even put the HDDs in the safe and did the washing -up. Went to bed with the vague idea of getting 4 hours sleep before heading off to Devonshire. Lay there staring into the darkness, with black thoughts of doom rolling around in my head. Decided "bugger this" and got up...

Now I have to be up in an hour... I feel wide wake... Will I still feel wide awake 100 miles west of London? Probably. This always happens when I need to be up early.

Not much point leaving really early... or is there? I was going to be on the doorstep of the shop where I have to take the SatNav thing off crapness back to around 9am when it opens... But I could leave now ish and take a walk on the beach at dawn. Sounds like a plan. Maybe not total pants after all.

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