Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Lee Anne's Birthday Curry Photos

Funny how Lee Anne managed to stay in the background
or else totally out of sight in all these photos.

Jules & Stuart act natural while
Tim struggles with the wine.
Jules fingers Graham's magnetic breasts
Pandora and Louis
Mark (Who once told me "you've got to have a job")
and Pandora ("I've got to send a text")
Fran, Dave Cara & Louise
The Reverend Fritz tries to get everyone to say grace.
Feels a little too much like we're intruding on a private moment. But it's just too sweet to leave out. Who'd of thought Avon could be such a softie?
Dave "Abi! Turn round and look at the camera"
Abi "Pardon?"
It's impossible to get everyone in the photo.
And look how clean the tablecloths were before we started.
Abi and Clair try to fend off
the vampire photographer
Graham and Rebrebreb
Tim with bird hat during after dinner drinks.

Wonderful company, fantastic food, excellent night.
You can mix those adjectives any way you like and it would still be true.


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