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I am evil...

Spent much of the day with Andi yesterday. Her mog is at the vet and she needed company. We hit the cafe and did the charity shops of Twickers. I got a book about Victorian freaks. Got the news her mog is to stay in over night at the vet for observation :-(

Spoke to Nora. No good news about her dad :-( I'm getting really worried about him.

Neil arrived around 4:30 and met us in another cafe. Andi headed off home... but not before I convinced her a certain slimelight DJ is in his 70s. Sorry Kev.

Slumped on the sofa watching History Channel while demolishing a bottle of red wine with Neil. Crashed out really early due to me being up since 5am and Neil had spent thew day one the road up from deepest Cornwall so I think he crashed not long after me. Hope he had enough room in the spare room... I warned him there was no heating but he seems to like it, he's ex army, and he sleeps on a thin roll of foam... Clearly made of sterner stuff then me with the only functioning radiator in the flat and two duvets.

Got a cheque from the storage unit company... Refund for the 1st to the 13th and my deposit back... I'd forgotten about the deposit (it was 8 years ago)... So that'll pay my car tax at the end of the month.

Woke from really strange dream this morning, where I seemed to have got myself engaged to three ladies at once. I was caught out when two of them were at the same lecture as me. It was more of a misunderstanding than actual cheating, that coupled with me having a very bad memory and not remembering I'd said I'd marry them all. I had to slip away check my LJ to see if I really had got engaged to them or they were trying to con me. I think this is the first time I've had a dream with LJ in it. I did wake up with a pounding heart and a feeling of "Oh my God!".

Today I need to get some supplies in and then dismantle some shelving and move boxes. My life just consists of moving boxes.

Just had a chat with Ari on YM, it's 3am in Texas.

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