Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Had intended getting up really early (6:30 ish) this morning putting the recycling out for collection, zoom over to 24 hour supermarket before it got clogged up with people and trollies, then go try and fix parent's VCR, then go to Kingston and pick up new glasses, then go to bank....
Well considering I didn't get up until 9:30 I didn't do too badly, even adding a couple of other jobs to the above list. Recovered tape from parent's dead VCR, went out and got them a new VCR, set up new VCR, show them how to operate it (without getting too exasperated at their slowness of take up).

Got new glasses, haven't had glasses for oh... 20 yearsish. Wow! I can read again. All those fuzzy blobs on the page are actually letters!
Off to read a few good beer bottles.

Neil coming round tomorrow to oversee updating of his Web site. Only seems like a few weeks ago I was doing the new courses 2003.

Hall still isn't completed :-( Need to finish the paneling, wire up new lights, make door, paint...

New car is letting in water :-( It's still under warranty so hopefully no problems there, it's booked in to have new slates on it's roof (or what ever it needs doing to it) on Monday. But PAH! I thought getting a new car was going to be the end of car problems.

Other than that:

1. No money.

2. No go see Angel this weekend (Reason? See #1)

3. No go to FAB PARTY THANG this weekend (Also see #1)

4 Running out of wood for hall.

5 At least I can read for pleasure again :-)

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