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A week since last post.

I've got my calender in front of me to remind me what I've been up to this last week.

Last Sunday. Very good curry at Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P's. Watched Uncle Nem dice with death as he surpassed his last sawing fiasco. Video here soon.

Monday Had loads of things to do, dropped of car to have sun roof fixed. BTW a week later and it's still there waiting for parts. Got train from Hampton to Shepperton (nearest I can get to my parent's place with out hanging around for hours waiting for connecting train. Train full of kids on Sunny D. Took mum shopping in dad's car (he doesn't drive at the moment due to eye problems, but we'lll come to that). Then headed off to Knaphill, I used to live there 21 years ago, had a look at my old house it's still there but with a hanging basket out front and a bird box out back. But I was there to pick up a scanner I got on ebay (£10 and it works fine). Did deal and headed back to Addlestone. Unloaded mum's shopping and went off to local shops (for local people) for bike bits for bike and wood stain for hall. Returned for lunch and then took dad to hospital for eye check... Good news prisms in glasses have worked, double vision gone. Simple prescription change and dad will have to make do with plain old normal eyesight.

Went to see friend Yan, then up to London to meet Ian. Way too early so wandered around, dropped in to see Demetra in shop, went to cafe, then Internet cafe, then met Ian for Chinese. Then headed off to Sherlock Holmes pub. Never been there before, despite my thing about Sherlock... OK pub liked some of the Holmes mementos, especially plaster cast of BIG dog paw print, going to make one of those for myself. The pub has more than a spurious claim on the Sherlock Holmes connection, it was formally the Northumberland Hotel and Henry Baskerville stayed there in Hound of the Baskervilles. I think the pub has suffered a few too many refurbishments inside and lacks the atmosphere I hoped for. Losing the carpet, fruit machines and TVs (even if they were showing old Holmes films) would be a start. I hate televisions in pubs. One of the reasons I moved to Twickenham was a very good pub, that pub now has two televisions, I don't go to that pub any more. But back to Tuesday night which will be now know now as The Case of the Crooked Note, due to me attempting to pass (totally innocently) an old style £10 note. South West Trains lived up to expectations on the way home (my expectations of SWT have become by experience very, very low). I have advised the minister for transport to hand the British Railway network over to Hornby. I'm sure it would run a lot better if the management were made of plastic and only half an inch high.

Worked on hall.

Mum had fifth of the six latest chemotherapy sessions. I hate what the side effects are doing to her. Still relieved her blood count is high enough for her to have this session. Scan booked for Feb to see if this session has done anything to slow or reduce the cancer.

Worked on hall. Also picked up book from post office and went to coffee bar to start reading it (Friday treat).

Somewhere during the week I've also been over to Dave's, went out for wood for hall. Hall's looking good, so good in fact it seem it shame to hide half of it off, but I don't want to look at bike and recycle bin up hall.

Flat a bit of a state due to concentrating on hall. Not good as Angel is coming tomorrow afternoon.
May go to computer fair tomorrow first thing, need bits but also need to clear up flat.

Heard from friend Paul that he may be over in Feb. Cryptic reason for coming over... Hmmmm seems a long way to come to "see a man about a dog" me thinks. The game's afoot. Watson, meet me at the Museum Tavern and bring your service revolver. Going to reread all the Sherlock Holmes stories this year. Must be 20 years since I read one. Must be 32 years since I read my first one. Wow! Just thought... I was 10 and my hero was a cocaine user. I can't have known what cocaine was then, guess I just blipped over it figuring it would become apparent later in life. I'm still blipping over things figuring they will become apparent latter in life.

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