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Fully recovered from my drive back from Swindon. I dropped in on Swindon to see RJ after popping down to Devon to see Colin.

Couldn't believe how cheerful Colin was. Bit of a shock to see the space where his right leg once was. But really pleased to see he has such a positive attitude. He knows how close a brush with the grim reaper he had and I guess after that close a call I'd be a happy bunny to find myself still amongst the living too. The hospital even got Colin to have a chat with another patient who maybe about to have a leg amputated. We made plans about taking his boat out next year and generally looked forward to hanging out down the harbour. I said I'd tidy up the wiring on the boat and hook-up the S-S to the satnav in the new year. Oh and Colin was joking that once he got his wooden leg he'd need a parrot too.

Nora and the kids had visited the Doctor Who exhibition and brought me back me a very cool Dalek pen. Quite how Daleks hold pens is, as yet, unknown.

I also found time to visit my land satnav which Comet have assured me is working fine as they have tested it in the shop. I note the box is now damaged (torn and splashed with paint) and they haven't taken the memory card out of the case (I know because I put the sticker on in a certain way)... So just how they tested it is a bit of a mystery. They now say they will send it back to Tomtom for testing. I have very little confidence that they will send it off and even if they do I can't see Tomtom doing more than a cursory check. It seems to me Comet's returns policy can be summed up as "dick people around until they give up".

In other news

I picked up my US money this morning. Twickenham was packed with rugby (at least it's not football) fans, but managed to find a space in the cafe. Drank coffee and beat my phone at chess. I figure if I can still beat my phone at chess occasionally I'm not yet going down the cognitive dark ally my poor old dad went down.

Had a strange dream this morning I bought a house in Venice and I was showing my parents around it. Strange because I sort of imagine heaven to be like Venice... but with better beer and less smelly.

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