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Before leaving for the post office I checked paypal just to see if anyone else had paid... Just got back and find another payment in... Bugger it I'll post it tomorrow.

Also just checked my British Airways e ticket and noticed I am booked to fly back on the 12th of Jan not the 6th as I've been telling everyone. Poor Ari will have to put up with me for a few more days I guess. Had me worried for a while because I wasn't sure I'd booked Moses in to cat hotel for that long... Luckily I had booked him in for the correct number of days... so I was clearly more on the ball 3 months ago, when I booked it all, than I am now.

I've written a stroppy letter to the MD of Comet... For all the good it'll do I may as well send smoke signals.

Got my car tax, phoned managing agents for the kick up the chuddies they seem to need each month, posted off a ton of ebay stuff, purchased bubble wrap, scrounged boxes, helped neighbour with her shopping... Off to fix her light switch now... that's got to be worth a cup of coffee.

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