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Had an urgent request from Unx today to burn him an audio CD from files found here. Unx has the technology at his place but doesn't seem to want to know how to use it. I'm sure he has one standalone CD recorder, one CD burner in his PC and one DVD burner in a Mac... I am pretty sure none of these has ever been used. However all is OK as Unx now has a copy of the Xykogen album (download it here).

As I (Moses) needed some cat litter, I ran off a CD, dropped in at the garden centre. I expected the garden centre to be empty as it's pretty much the end of the gardening calender... I didn't bank on the Christmas explosion. Saw a very naf looking Santa Karaoke machine... Is that any way to treat the patron saint of sailors and students? Anyway I digress as ever, eventually I found the cat litter and made my way to the humongous lines of people waiting to pay for vast arrays of sparkling balls... I felt right out of place with 20lbs of cat litter under my arm.

Moved on to see Unx... He peered around the door in his usual nervous fashion. I'd swear Unx still expects Cauda Pavonis to come a knocking, wanting a word in his shell like, about a little review he once wrote. I'm sure he'd send them running for the hills as he was (asusual) standing there in his underpants. I presented him with the fresh CD, demanded coffee and kept my eyes firmly fixed in any direction other than the grey pants of doom. I was asked to sort out his web site, well all I had to do was spot a missing bit of code. But he seemed impressed. I stayed the afternoon dined on Unx's specialty, which is really, really hot curried veg on a bed on rice (I won't need to eat for a week), followed by sorbet (I'm sure I heard a hiss as the sorbet hit the curry in side me). Got to see Angeline (Andi's cat) have her pill and laxative... Thankfully I missed her throwing it all up again.

Delved into Andi's vinyl collection, played various LPs ranging from Fairground organs, Broadway musicals, Psychic TV (unx put this on), and Chris & Cosey. Andi has a few Chris & Cosey albums I missed out on when they were released... I have Trance but lord knows where I was when the later ones were released. Rather impressed even after all these years and technology moving on a tad. I was also rather taken with the Fairground organ LP.

Came home to find a parcel left on my doorstep. Grrrr... Surprised it hadn't been stolen... Not at all surprised to find it soaking wet and covered in snails. It must have been there since Saturday. Luckily only one of the books in side was damp and only at one end... So I put it in my book press to dry. It should be OK. "Oi! Postie you're supposed to leave a card and take the parcel back to the sorting office ya lazy sod!" I'm betting it was my postman's day off because this only seems to happen when temporary postman is doing the round.

Called Dave to see how Lee Anne was doing. I hope the osteopath can see her tomorrow.

Must try and save reading new book (The Devil in Amber By: Mark Gatiss) for my flight to Texas... But I want to read it NOW! Even though I am very nearly drifting off to sleep.

And so to bed... as some other blogger once wrote.


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