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Today I am mostly thinking about beer.

The other day I saw an advert on the tube for Magners cider making a big deal about how many varieties of apples they use. Strange thing to be boasting about, I thought. I find the best cider and perry are single variety. I did have the misfortune to try Magners once (it looked the least offensive drink in one of those pubs with no beer) and I thought it pretty grim... Sort of the cider equivalent of Miller. Interestingly Miller make a big deal about it being "cold filtered"... Hang on, isn't cold filtering a way of cutting corners to increase production? And what about lagering time? Just for fun I tried asking Joan on the Miller web site if they did any bottle conditioned beers... Joan didn't know what I was on about.

All this has made me wonder about brewing my own beer again. I tried in the past and mostly it was terrible. One success was a copy of Eldridge pope's Thomas Hardy Ale (I used the dregs from a real bottle of Thomas Hardy Ale to start the fermentation), I got the recipe from the somewhat eclectic book by Dave Line "Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy". In this book Dave Line gives recipes, adapted to brew at home, anything from Eldridge pope's Thomas Hardy Ale to Fosters Lager... talk about the sublime to the ridiculous ;-)

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