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Had to get up at 8am this morning to go to craft fair. Wanted to find leather worker to make me some belt pouches for minidisc player, phone, leatherman, torch.... I want to look like Batman ;-) Craft fair canceled PAH!

Went to see Unx putting his car together. Wasn't much help engine back on mountings, there are only so many people you can fit in a Mini engine bay. Got home at 4pm and hit the sack until 8.

Phoned Paul in US. Think we've worked out a date for visit... Just need to sort out cheep flight or it looks like I'm swimming from Landsend.

Car electrics buggered right now. Horrible buzzing noise coming from light's relay... Can't be arsed to sort it and need to take dad's car in next week for MOT... Hmmmm two birds one stone and lots of heathy walking back and forth between garage and parents place.

Clearing the living room hasn't progressed beyond getting some boxes today. But here's the five month plan:

1 Living room

1.1 Clear room.
1.2 Build new cupboards / draws / bookcases in alcoves.
1.3 Paint room deep red and black or stain very dark brown (VERY DARK).

2 Small bedroom

2.1 Clear room
2.2 Build worktop / desk all round room with space for filing cabinet and door.
2.3 More book shelves above worktop desk.
2.4 Cupboards below worktop / desk

Get life out of storage and install back in living unit (flat).

3 Bedroom

3.1 Watch DVD of Moulin Rouge
3.2 Create sexy bedroom like Nicole Kidman's in above motion picture.
3.3 Sit around in flat feeling smug.


4.1 Watch "Fearless Vampire Killers"....

Hmmmm Wine.......

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