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Moses despatched to cat hotel... He expressed his displeasure by expelling bodily waste products from both ends. He gets into such a state in the car... but he soon seemed to settle into his run when we got there. By the time I'd done the paperwork and paid he was having a good old nose round and checking out the food situation.

Came home, went to the post office... well stuck my head around the door and thought "forget it" there was more people in there then the building could comfortable hold. Grabbed some recorded delivery forms and went to he cafe. Went back to the post office after a coffee only to find a muttering (that is the correct collective noun I think) of old ladies... Far more than earlier. So I stood there while the modern day complexities of the post office were patiently explained to a succession of disbelieving old ladies. It's interesting to see just how many people are sending mail abroad these days. I'm guessing what I saw this morning was Christmas presents for grandchildren, going to Saudi Arabia, France, Finland, USA, Australia, Japan and Riga... The Riga parcel was been sent by the lady directly in front of me, she knew her son was in Riga but hadn't put the country and the walk up to the post office had completely put the country out of her mind.... Luckily I was able to remind her... I just hope there isn't a Riga anywhere other than Latvia ;-) She did remember "Oh yes... it was sort of Russian" when I suggested Latvia

So all this "family spread all over the globe" thing got me thinking... Just how many Brits (UK citizens) are living abroad these days. So I googled it...

It seems 2.2 million Brits own property abroad and 1,000 people every day are leaving the country for good. And the numbers are expected to increase! I have a fair idea of how much paperwork one person leaving the country generates... But 1000 a day! The mind boggles. That must mean 1000s of containers of personal effects a week shipping off to all corners of the world. It must also mean 1000s of properties being sold or coming onto the rental market.

Well fear not Britannia for I shall return early in the new year to your fair shores... Only to bugger off again as soon as I can afford it. So far it looks as if I will be visiting Rome and Seattle in 2007... I also have a mind to visit Prague.

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