Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Back in The USA

Flight not bad. Watched The Illusionist which was a nice to look at, period film but the so called twist at the end was so blindingly obvious.

Landed at DFW 10 mins early. Then much to my amazement: I was off the plane, through immigration, collect my bag, went through customs in in less than a quarter of an hour! End result of this incredible efficiency (and a crash on the highway) meant Ari wasn't there to pick me up for a while. So when she did arrive I was all the more pleased to see her. Three months is too long.

Dropped in at Ari's and discovered she has more cats. I changed into something less formal as people don't dress for dinner here... Well not when eating at a diner. Chris came home and demonstrated his latest guitar techniques, he's already pretty good, clearly a grounding in euphonium transfers well to stringed instruments. We headed off to eat around 5pm and even thought it felt like midnight to me I wanted breakfast.

Later we took a drive around the neighborhood to checkout the Christmas decorations on all the houses. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! There are single houses around here that have more lights on them than the whole of Oxford Street! I was particularly taken with a nearly life-size nativity scene in dayglow plastic.

Came home and couldn't make head not tail of Ari's new cable TV, couldn't find House in the listings.

Then I suddenly felt fatigue crash in... and needed to pass out.

Just woke up and it's 6am... but I feel like it's midday.

Can't quite get my head around the idea I am here again.

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