Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I'm feeling a lot better. Ari got a humidifier for the bedroom which I think is helping.

Took a couple of doors of their hinges this morning. Ari thought one was sticking because it had been swapped over at some time, this theory turned out to be wrong.

Chris missed the bus for school (every time I see those yellow buses I start humming the Southpark theme). He didn't seem very keen to go anyway. Turned out he couldn't find his bag, he left it in the car... So I figured I'd walk up to Ari's work and explain why he hadn't gone, I suggested to Chris it would at least show willing if he went up there with me. Went there got the bag. Ari did ask if I wanted to drive him (I don't think this was a serious suggestion as we haven't sorted out car insurance for me yet). I went over to the coffee shop and slumped in a chair where I could see a dejected looking Chris preparing I-plod headphones for a long walk to school.

Drank coffee and watched the world go by... well a small portion of Texas drift in and out of the coffee shop.

Came home, rehung the doors.

I am now working on cleaning up some old videos of "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes". This is a Thames TV drama from the 70s. I have a few episodes but the audio is a tad out of sync, they need the edges cropping to remove tracking error at the bottom and black borders at each side, also need to remove commercial break cards. All going well apart from getting it back into sync, I'm using the closing doors as clapperboards but it's a bit tricky. Seems to be a constant delay but it's still a very trial and error.

Ari gets off around 2 this afternoon.

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