Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Christmas Tree Fun

Today we drove out to the country to a Christmas tree farm. We took Molly the dog, who spent the whole journey rushing back and forth in the back of the van. Molly tries to keep an eye out of each side of the van at the same time. This was a whole new experience for me, having been brought-up on tinsel or plastic trees. I kept thinking of the Charlie Brown cartoon where he comes back with the tree that looks more like a stick. We picked a tree, Ari sawed it down, got a tractor ride back to get the tree wrapped and tied to the roof. I really wasn't sure about the guys tying skills but decided it wasn't for me to go doubting a professional tree farmer. Well the tree didn't stay on the roof for 30 seconds down the highway. So we pulled over and I cut what little string was left and we chucked the tree in the back of the van... Which put paid to Molly's running back and forth.

Got the tree home, trimmed, upright and decorated. So far only 2 glass balls have been broken. Ari predicted at least 5 will be broken by the cats.

I other news...

I have a guitar to fix tomorrow, if I can get hold of a soldering iron. Also need to make some space in the garage so I can start on cat house 2.

We have a house to go look at next week. It looks really good on the website but from previous experience we know it could have something hideous across the road from it, it could only have been cosmetically tarted up and really need major structural work...

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