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Here I am Monday night, none of the things I wanted to do today haven't been accomplished. I'm sober and therefore marked by circumspection and self-restraint.

I tried to get some wood for the bookcases I built for my living room. I've decided that the plain glass neads breaking up a little with a pattern of glazing bars. Anyone know where I can get astragal beading? Gave up looking today and decided to make my own. I figure a few passes through the table saw (if Neil ever wants this back I'm buggered) and then a few passes through the Router and Bob's your uncle.

Hall nearly done. Just need to give all woodwork a rubdown, wire up lights, paint, stain and varnish. Still have a door to think about. Do I replace removed kitchen door or use spare door to make better looking cupboard door?

Need to do a big clear up and sort out of tools, can't find anything when I need it. A day of getting organised may save time in the long run. Can't start doing the bedroom before tools are sorted.

Popped in to see Dave Morrison for coffee and biscuits this afternoon. I've been trying to get him to join L.J. If you know Dave text him now and tell him to "join us".

Just as I got home I got a call from Rover man... "your car may be ready tomorrow" say he. Nah! Thinks I, you're making fun of an old man. We will see. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of Silver Machine again. Had my dad's car this last week and the radio (there's only a radio in it, no CD or tape) only seems to want to let me listen to Radio 5... There a limit to the amount of waffle I want to hear about football the only bit of information on football I ever retained was that the television audience figures were declining whilst the cost of screening the over paid Wallies having a kick about was going up. Huh??? Weird economics at work there, thought I.

Angel phoned and is coming up later this week.

Did a bit of sanding down of wood and plaster work tonight, happily working my way along the hall... Then looked down to see I'd covered my bike, helmet, gloves etc with plaster powder. D'oh!

Spoke to mum, she's as OK as can be expected this soon after chemotherapy. Going to go over and see them tomorrow, hopefully to drop off my dad's car all clean, topped up with go juice and a very big thank you.

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