Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

The Jones House

Ian said I should show the stairs... I don't think we should be getting too excited about this house, there are so many things that would have to come together to make it happen... but here's to dreaming.

Some of the Photographs on the wall are of the house around 100 years ago.
I was surprised to see some are of the interior, a restorers dream.
You can just see the servant's stairs through the door, beyond that the modern kitchen.
I wonder how Ari would feel about cooking on a range? ;-)

Stained Glass windows on the landing
Very fine leading.
The stairs are very firm, no squeaks or wobble.

Water damage to wallpaper.
Presumably the new roof fixed this.

Generations of christening gown... Just don't light the gas fire.

More vintage clothing hanging on the wardrobe.


I could fill those shelves with books in no time flat.

I would want to lose the gas fire and have real fires.

I wonder how this room would look with William Morris wallpaper?


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