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Today's fun and games....

Ari was working today so I took the opportunity to do some work on Wildlife Walks Web-Zone. Later I headed down to the coffee shop with Dr Paul's manuscript under my arm for a coffee and some light reading...

Later when Ari got off work we took Molly to the vet to get her claws trimmed. I loved the way Molly rushed out of the car into the vet, got a wiff of the smell of vet, then tried to beat a hasty retreat.

Amazon USA finally have the mp3 player I want in stock... So I've ordered that today, no more fiddling with CDs for me as I move into the HDD mp3 player world. I've given up waiting for a player with my dream specifications so I'm making do with a Creative Zen Vision :M 60gb. I don't hold with Ipoops.

I think I may dig out my own design and specifications for my ideal mp3 player I did a while ago and never finished.

Tomorrow we're off to look at another house... This time in Denison. I think we're on plan "Q" now.

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