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Here I am 2:30 am and wide awake again...

One last full day in Texas then leave for home Friday afternoon and home in time for breakfast on Saturday.

I have a media player crammed full of cool vids to watch on the plane... What would be ironic is after going to all the trouble of encoding vids and uploading to player... I sleep the whole trip home, but that would be rather welcome too.

...and talking of planes... I'm just checking the Situation re prices for coming back in May but the BA site is playing at being sllllooooowwww. Hmmm by juggling the dates around I've got it down to £385... But I guess I'll have to do some sums once I get home before I can commit to the next visit.

Next week I will be:

Mostly sleeping (I suspect)

Picking up Moses (I hope he recognises me)

Phoning friends ("Hello, remember me?)

Sorting post (junk, junk, junk, junk...)

I haven't heard from Unx or Ian about the state of my flat... I hope it's still there.

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